Sophie Rose Photographics

Sophie Rose Photographics - capturing the essence of life... 


Sophie Rose Photographics focuses on capuring the natural beauty of the world and the individuals who live in it.

The high points of my work are simple edits such as black/white and selective colouring, and photographing melodramatic facial expressions in the style of portraiture.

Mini photoshoots are available, including; hair, make up, an hour of shooting and five 6x4 photographs edited and printed for you to keep.

For more information, feel free to contact me.


I approach my photoshoots in a very relexed style to enable clients and subjects to feel more comfortable when infront of the camera. I aim to express feeling and emotion when pressing the shutter in order to grasp the attention of my subject to the fullest. I like to both inspire and be inspirsed whilst creating art, as I capture natural beauty of the world and/or my subjects.

"Sophie's approach to photographics is creative, interesting, and expresses emotion through a single shot" - Amy Elizabeth; Bromsgrove.

"Sophie's work is unique, grabs the attention of viewers, and is of very high quality" - Christian Gary; Lickey End.

Sophie Rose Photographics is a project to build up a portfolio of portraits and landscapes for my Univeristy enterance in 2013.

Please note - Sophie Rose Photographics may ask your permission to use your photographs in a portrature portfolio, however this is optional and will not affect prices.


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